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ENGIM Internazionale (Formazione, Cooperazione, Sviluppo)

"Fare il bene e farlo bene" (San Leonardo Murialdo)


Mohamed Sesay is a twenty six year old resident of Mabethor Village.He will soon graduate as a Community Agent in the SILC (Savings and Internal Landing Community) to supervise the activities of five SILC groups in the Mabethor and Royeama Villages in the Buya Romende and Marampa Chiefdoms.

Mohammed started as secretary for the SILC group “TAWOPANEH”, the first group ever created by Gerald Aruna and was motivated to attend the SJVI (Saint Joseph Vocational Institute) foundation course as he only reached JSS3 and had not even attempted the BECE. He realized his dream and graduated at the SJVI with a certificate in Carpentry and Joinery. Mohamed now owns a workshop in Mabethor village; He now severs the communities when in need of furniture, repairs to doors and windows of houses, which in the past can only be provided by outside carpenter.

Mohamed’s incomes come now from his workshop and a 5% income from the profit realized in any group whilst initiating Income Generating Activities to maximize the profit realized in the SILC. One such group now undertakes a vegetable production project with technical backstopping provided by ENGIM. Mohamed’s action has also led to eleven other youths in the two villages been enrolled at the SJVI- Lunsar in various vocational fields of study.

The first round of digging of the Water wells 2014 has been completed in all seven communities in the Chiefdoms of Koya, Lower Marampa and Maforkie. Depths of these Water Wells in all the different locations have all already been taken. The involvement and responsibility of local communities is always a requirement for ENGIM that is why the collection of additional local materials for the water wells construction (sand, stones etc.) is in progress. The transportation of sand in these areas already started and is ongoing, thanks to the activity of the truck inherited by ENGIM.

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